Sold in bunches of 10

Alstromeria, or "Peruvian Lily,"  is an extremely long lasting cut flower (12 - 18 days).
Purchase only from farms who treat the flowers post-harvest with flower preservatives for premature yellowing of foliage.
New premium varieties have better flower structure, bloom size and interesting colors. 
Perfection is a new patented process which features special custom packaging, individually netted blooms and a fully"open cut stage"   

Care and Handling Tips:
The first consideration is stem care: Joints are fragile, handle them with care.
When received, unpack them immediately, trim approximately 1 inch from the stem ends with a diagonal cut, and place them in a vase with a solution of preservatives and lukewarm water.
Change the solution in your vase every 4-5 days. Trim the stem ends again, and remove all spent flowers and yellowing leaves.
 Keep your vase in a cool place, away from drafts and direct sunlight.

Grading Information:
Alstromeria is graded by stem length, number of blooms per stem and packaged in 10-stem bundles.

**Perfection (open cut and netted)  - 80+cm / 4-5 blooms
Premium or Super Select 80+cm - 4-5 blooms
Select  70cm - 3+ blooms
Fancy  60 to 65cm - 3+ blooms