Gypsophila is a member of the Caryophyllaceae family. Close-cut flower relatives include Dianthus (carnations, spray carnations, and "Sweet Williams"), and Saponaria (Soap Wort). It is often referred to as "Baby's Breath". 

The introduction of Millionstar has revolutionized the gypsophilia market . It's higher price largely reflects the cost of royalties which growers must pay to the Israeli breeder. Other improved varieties, such as "New Love", are just starting to be introduced in the marketplace.
Mirabella is another new perfecta type variety.Very few growers produce the old Perfecta variety anymore.

TIP : If you receive a tighter-than-usual cut Gyp, on Valentines Day for example, cut and hydrate in very warm water and floral preservative covered in plastic (to retain warmth and humidity) out of the cooler, and it will usually open well in 24 hours.