Disbuds Mums

Disbud Mums

Long lasting, ALL chrysanthemums (mums, disbuds, spray poms) last up to 10 to 12 days. Single stemmed disbudded mums available in standard commercial mum, spider mum and cremon types. Disbuds should meet minimum grading standards (see Grading Info). We find that the painted disbuds are performing much better that  the ones dyed by absorption. The absorption process seems to dry out the foliage and increase the problems with botritis growing during shipping.
Grading Information
  • Bunched by 10 stems.
  • Minimum 75 cm stem length.
  • Bloom size should be minimum 10 cm diameter on Mums and Spider Mums.
  • Some popular new varieties of Fuji Mums such as  Anastasia Green have smaller blooms than their white, yellow and lavender counterparts. Usually a minimum 7cm bloom diameter.
  • Cremons should have a minimum bloom size of 8 cm. ( some novelty disbud varieties may have smaller blooms)